Books are tools for systematically recording knowledge contents in a certain form and symbols (words, pictures, electronic documents, etc.) in a certain style on a certain form of material by means of certain methods and means, for expressing thoughts, accumulating experiences, preserving knowledge and spreading knowledge.With the increasing exchange of culture and science and technology in the world, various books have been translated into many languages, thus playing an important role in the dissemination of knowledge and information to the world.Therefore, the domain that the book translation involves is more and more extensive, the book translation language increases unceasingly, also gradually raises to the book translation work request, can accurate, the fast book translation plays the important role in the book dissemination.

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Through close cooperation with more than ten domestic and foreign publishing institutions such as Renmin University of China Publishing House, Central Compilation Press, Social Sciences Literature Publishing House, Chongqing Publishing House, Hong Kong Publishing House, Germany Publishing House and Turkey Publishing House, we have developed a set of professional business processes in the field of publishing and translation. We will provide a complete set of translation solutions for publishing organizations in accordance with international operational procedures and standards, and rely on advanced translation memorizing and typesetting techniques such as trados and indesign. In order to solve the problems of long-term translation, unstable quality, non-uniform vocabulary, non-accumulation of sentence base and non-standard typesetting, etc.

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Professional documents are specialized terminology and industry knowledge. Translators are required to understand relevant knowledge background, language habits and terminology, and have deep industry background knowledge.At the same time, the development of the industry is changing with each passing day, and the external influence is in-depth and diverse, so patent translators are required to have forward-looking ideas.We have a team of translators with deep patent experience, able to accurately grasp and understand the various terms in the industry, to ensure the accuracy and professionalism of customer manuscripts.In view of the characteristics of the industry, Sinotrans International has developed targeted and cost-effective translation service solutions for its customers.Actively use the cloud library terminology system and translation quality management system to improve efficiency and accuracy, and complete the translation tasks delivered by customers on time.
Quality control
1. Standardize the translation process, set up the translation team, analyze the requirements, unify the professional vocabulary, determine the format requirements of the translation, and ensure that the translation of all kinds of documents by professionals.
The company comprehensively controls the quality and speed, monitors the translation progress, spot checks the translation every day, the translators cross-examine each other and double proofread to ensure the accuracy of professional contents.
Three Communicate effectively with customers, listen to feedback, improve twice according to customers’ opinions and suggestions, and be responsible to the end.
Bring together the elites and masters of industry translation, and carry out systematic training for both internal and external patent translators.Emphasis is placed on the institutionalization and standardization of translation quality control and the formulation of translation practice norms.
Translation process
Requirements (Need) – → 2, Price – 3, Translation – 4, Proofing – 5, Feedback.
1.Demand communication
Understand the details of the language, content, number of words, time and special requirements of the document, and obtain the document;
Two.Quotation analysis
Overall assessment, content review, word count, price calculation, formulation of translation solutions, appointment of interpreter time,
Three. Signing a contract
Receive 70% of the total cost as advance payment, formally start the translation process after signing the contract;
Four, translation, proofreading, audit
We should set up a translation team and adopt the procedures of first translation, second revision and third review to ensure the translation quality and the accuracy of professional contents, so as to ensure the fluent and graceful translation language;
Delivery, settlement of balance and quality follow-up;
Pay the balance, deliver the translation on time, provide exclusive customer service, listen to feedback, provide long-term after-sales service, and modify free of charge;
Six. Confidentiality of manuscripts
Original documents, translations, and stored data shall be destroyed in compliance with the confidentiality agreement after 7 days of retention;