For translation projects, the only thing which we wanna talk about is the quality.

The reason for us able to ensure the quality is that we have our own translation controlling system. In the system, each translation project will proceed for 3 times at least. One is the translation, the second is proofreading, the third is format edit. The final file which we’ll provide to you is the perfect format which u no need any change or revise.

And we don’t suggest our translators translate any content. Basically, we distribute the translation projects to the translators who have relative knowledge or experience with the content field.

Besides, the abundant corpus materials are available for help in the accurate expertise field.

You can contact us for translation in the fields as below:

  • Marketing, SEO&Advertising
  • Travel&Tourisiam
  • Mobile App& Video Games
  • Ecommerce&Business
  • Website Localization
  • Contract&Financial