In the environment of economic globalization and market integration, trade exchanges between countries are becoming more and more frequent. Successful financial service enterprises gradually realize that it is the key to success for financial enterprises to promote customer experience, accurately convey information in local language, and provide personalized service feeling for customers.Due to differences in business practices and cultural backgrounds across countries, there are also differences in understanding of banking, credit, debt, security and other specific concepts, and localization must be done with extra care in keeping with local business practices and cultural differences.
Financial translation is a special industry, which concerns the information reference of investors, so we must pay attention to these details.Lay a solid foundation in order to gain a foothold in the industry.Can become the professional financial Han all sorts of translators.Stick to deep understanding, adhere to accumulation, then there will be harvest, there will be promotion.Script translation

financial translation (1)

Our financial translation includes: Translation of research reports on financial products such as banks, securities, insurance, credit, stocks, bonds, foreign exchange trusts, gold futures, listing plans, funds, etc., translation of investment research reports, translation of financial regulations, interpretation of financial cooperation and exchange, translation of financial cooperation, translation of negotiation and translation of contract documents. Annual report of financial enterprises, financing bidding documents, enterprise introduction, financial product description, assets appraisal report, accounting report, settlement report, enterprise settlement open materials, financial statements, audit report, accounting manual, accounting affairs provisions, other regulations, various investigations, analysis reports, market reports, The securities analysis report, the enterprise credit investigation report, the accounting and the law and so on many kinds of fields economy general situation short paper, the insurance translation, the project financing, the trust investment, the venture capital and so on.The company has been providing translation services for many enterprises and institutions, and established long-term cooperative relations with many listed companies.

Principle one: clear
The first thing to do is to make the content clear, so that the translator can immediately understand the current financial situation.There are many clauses in the structure of English sentences, so the translator must understand the relationship between the sentences, only in this way can the translated sentences be easy to understand.
Second: accurate
As we all know, as long as it is financial problems, there are inevitably some figures and time.These small details are a test of how careful translators are, because a little carelessness can lead to problems with the company’s finances.Therefore, the relevant figures and time in financial translation should be translated accurately, and the different currency symbols of each country should be marked separately so as not to be confused.
Third: Major
Since it is financial translation, the natural need for “fiscal deficit” “price curve” and other technical terms.Therefore, financial translation needs to ensure the principle of professionalism.For professional nouns, we should choose professional words for translation, and we should also pay attention to not to choose some common words, so as not to affect the understanding.
Key industries:
Financial, banking, financial and insurance, securities and futures, investment banks, financial services institutions, fund securities companies, foreign capital insurance institutions, audit reports, annual reports, settlement reports, market reports, asset appraisal reports, financial reports, business plans,
Professional documents are specialized terminology and industry knowledge. Translators are required to understand relevant knowledge background, language habits and terminology, and have deep industry background knowledge.At the same time, the development of the industry is changing with each passing day, and the external influence is in-depth and diverse, so patent translators are required to have forward-looking ideas.China Translation International has a large number of national-level translators, overseas students, experts from various industries and foreign language professionals with many years of translation experience of tens of thousands, with 8,716 translators worldwide, including more than 500 senior translators, over 2,800 senior translators and over 150 foreign experts. There are eight United Nations interpreting consultants, with an average of over 50 million words per year and 900 interpreting persons.Having a service team of high-quality interpreter, interpreter and project manager, engaged in translation for many years, with senior experience, holding eight-year certificate and two-level three-level translation certificate at the national level, being competent for translation work in different fields, accurately grasping and understanding various terms in the industry, Ensure the accuracy and professionalism of customer contributions.Set up the most abundant think tanks for translation talents at home and abroad, gather the translation talent resources, perfect the professional, careful and unified talent classification and grade evaluation system, optimize and integrate the dispersed team of translation talents, systematize, specialize and experience to create the first-class translation quality. Advanced office equipment and fast quality control system ensure that customers get the best translation quality and service.In view of the characteristics of the industry, Sinotrans International has developed targeted and cost-effective translation service solutions for its customers.Actively use the cloud library terminology system and translation quality management system to improve efficiency and accuracy, and complete the translation tasks delivered by customers on time.
Quality control
A standardized translation process (first translation, second translation, third revision, fourth examination), to set up a translation team, analyze various requirements, unify professional vocabulary, determine translation format requirements, to ensure that all kinds of documents translated contributions by professionals.
The Company comprehensively controls the quality and speed, monitors the translation progress, spot checks the translation every day, and the translators cross-examine each other, double-proofread and double-proofread to ensure the accuracy of professional contents.
Three Communicate effectively with customers, listen to feedback, improve twice according to customers’ opinions and suggestions, and be responsible to the end.
Bring together the elites and masters of industry translation, and carry out systematic training for both internal and external patent translators.Emphasis is placed on the institutionalization and standardization of translation quality control and the formulation of translation practice norms.
Translation process
Requirements (Need) – → 2, Price – 3, Translation – 4, Proofing – 5, Feedback.
1.Demand communication
Understand the details of the language, content, number of words, time and special requirements of the document, and obtain the document;
Two.Quotation analysis
Overall assessment, content review, word count, price calculation, formulation of translation solutions, appointment of interpreter time,
Three. Signing a contract
Receive 70% of the total cost as advance payment, formally start the translation process after signing the contract;
Four, translation, proofreading, audit
We should set up a translation team and adopt the procedures of first translation, second revision and third review to ensure the translation quality and the accuracy of professional contents, so as to ensure the fluent and graceful translation language;
Delivery, settlement of balance and quality follow-up;
Pay the balance, deliver the translation on time, provide exclusive customer service, listen to feedback, provide long-term after-sales service, and modify free of charge;
Six. Confidentiality of manuscripts
Original documents, translations, and stored data shall be destroyed in compliance with the confidentiality agreement after 7 days of retention;