With the globalization of economy and the popularization of Internet, the concept of website translation is derived.Website translation is to change the content involved in web page from one kind of language culture habit to another kind of language culture habit, not only language text, but also the need of processing and localization market strategy such as color, picture, etc. It may also involve reading habits, such as right-to-left reading in Arab countries, as well as a range of tasks such as in-web databases and web coding.

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The importance of website translation
Economic globalization is an irreversible process. Nowadays, more and more enterprises extend their products and services to all over the world.In foreign business, the website of the enterprise serves as the main bridge of information exchange.Before a lot of foreign enterprise website is two interface: Native language website + English website (international station).With the development of enterprise’s international business and the increase of customer community, only using English website to communicate with target customers, there will be misunderstanding in many aspects, which can not meet the needs of target customers, and the construction of multi-language website is especially important. Successful website translation can not only help enterprises to expand their business in the world. It can also promote sales and raise the visibility of enterprises, thereby further expanding the share of the international market and promoting the progress and development of the destination society.

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Why do you choose us
China Translation International (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in Beijing, is a large-scale professional foreign-related translation service organization approved by the government. The excellent member unit of China Translation Association has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Since its establishment, China Translation International has been adhering to “Shang Xin Nuo Xing, excellence.” Providing professional, high-quality and high-efficiency translation service and value-added service for each customer, professional service operation for many years, rich industry experience and high-quality and high-efficiency service have been well received by our customers, and established long-term cooperative relations with many customers. To become the professional and reliable translation service partner of customers and the leader of China’s leading multi-language solution provider industry.China Translation International provides the most advanced one-stop website internationalization and multi-language website solution IT system. Through cloud computing technology, it can provide one-stop service including integrating and developing specific website template interface, multi-language translation engine system, manual proofreading, automatic output interface and so on, so as to meet customer multi-language website construction and website maintenance. SEO search engine optimization, website promotion and other requirements.At the same time, through the dialogue and multi-language translation tools of instant messaging and the assistance of mail and business exchanges to help customers comprehensively solve the problem of language pain in foreign business, from the language, the Internet, foreign trade business to fully assist customers out of or into the country to achieve globalization.
For site translations, if you can provide FTP for the site, or if you download and package the entire site from behind the scenes, we can give you an exact quote in 10 minutes.At the same time, as long as you provide the original web page files, we will provide you with the format of the original web page completely consistent with the target language version, can be directly online use, save your revision time.
Service items for web site translation
Web page content translation
Translated into multi-national languages, including those commonly used in Asia, the Middle East and Europe and the United States;
Content management and maintenance update etc.CMS system translation and processing;
Multimedia localization processing: Audio / video processing, including dubbing, network broadcasting and so on.
Optimization of Web site structure
Multi- language navigation design, the design of local browsing habits in line with the website structure; Make sure that the web site is easy to browse.
Site style localization
Website color matching (avoid local color taboos), image processing, Flash processing, etc.
Web site optimization
Multi language web site keyword settings.
Submit the local mainstream search engine and make corresponding optimization adjustment.
Web internationalization and multi-language web site solutions:
One The enterprise already has the source language website, needs to replan, the design foreign language or the Chinese website;
Two Or the need to remake a full set of multilingual websites in accordance with the latest multiscreen syncretic response website technology;
Three Needs the late website update and the maintenance service as well as the website promotion and the SEO and so on the service;
Four Assistance in future mail and foreign trade transactions is required:


Website program (optional)

According to the cultural habits of the target market, adjust the website module and column planning, and fully consider the need of the website promotion at home and abroad, and integrate the corresponding optimization elements into the website construction;

Website design and production (optional)

Website home page, column home page, list page, inner page design and production.

Multi-screen integrated response website production (optional)

Compatible with pc, android, iphone and other terminals, suitable for various sizes of screens, in line with the trend of future mobile network marketing, a website production, to handle multiple terminal delivery.

Multilingual web processing

Content multilingual translation

Foreign personnel carry out translation or proofreading work to fully ensure the quality of the target language;

Translation and proofreading for native speakers (optional)

Traditional mode (Web site translation mode in file units):

Customers provide documents such as Word / HTML / XML and other formats, better to provide database files, translation, verification, quality inspection and other work;

Optimization mode (website internationalization mode based on website data): Customers open website data without providing documents, directly through system interface website data, perform translation, proofreading, automatic output, testing and other one-stop website internationalization services;

Video, Flash, picture translation and processing (optional)

The files in these formats are translated into the target language and produced by dubbing / subtitle / picture / flash;

Multilingual content update interface (optional)

The enterprise opens the interface, obtains the website update content in time, and multilingual the content according to the demand;

CMS multilingual publishing system

Can help the enterprise complete the multi- language website content publication and the test;

Web site maintenance (optional)

Timely multilingual the updated content, and at the same time accumulate and maintain the terminology and corpus;

International website optimization and promotion (optional)

Through the optimization and promotion mode applicable to the target market,
Optimize the effect of network marketing.

Foreign trade assistance (optional)

The product provides conversational multilingual translation for instant messaging;
Assistance in mail-to-mail and business communication to truly globalize ;