As the time is going, videos became more and more popular. Comparing with the cold texts or silent pics, videos are much more attractive, direct, fast explain. The service around the videos also shows up. Especially the subtitles requirement increased rapidly.

After big changes in China during the last 20 years, China became a super big market because of the consume ability and 1.3 billion popularity. Lots of business are focused on the Chinese market. Videos promotion is the most important tool. And the accurate subtitle is necessary.

If you are running a youtube channel, English speaking only and wanna add Chinese subtitle to attract more audience.

If you are selling your online videos course in Vimoe, want the high-quality subtitle which is convenient for the audience to understand better

If you are a company which wanna target the Chinese market with your video promotion

Or If you are a Chinese person, Chinese Company which wanna expand to the international market,

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