Live Interpreter by call

This Service is especially used for those customers who have the short time requirement to talk with Chinese companies directly.

In-site Interpreter

As the transportation became much more convenient, lots of people come to China or travel or business. On-site Interpretation became more and more necessary and important.

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What you need to do is as below:
1. List your specific requirements one by one.
2. Provide the professional English words in your field, so we can research a little to get a better understanding.
3. Prepare your Wechat account as the conversation will be based on Wechat group.

What we’ll provide is :
1. Translate the conversation between you and your Chinese Company’s person one by one.
2. Sign the NDA(Non-disclosure agreement) if you need.
3. Get the additional information for you according to our working experience.

The cost will be 2USD per minute. If you can make enough preparation, that’ll save your cost.

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As one of the professional Chinese translation agents, we prepared lots of excellent interpreters to provide great service in different cities. But we’ll not ensure all the industrials as no companies can do that. Currently, our main field is international trade industry, general interpreter ability. Fluently English speaking for daily life and basic working conversation.

Before you put the order, pls messages to us for details first.

Our interpreters will travel with you to different cities in China. You pay the food, the hotel, the transportation cost etc. The daily salary will be about 100USD~250USD per day.

Our service:
1. help to book the tickets, hotels, ordering the food etc.
2. help to translate between you and your suppliers about your business
3. help to make the travel schedule for the better arrangement.
4. Standing in your booth of the exhibition, distribute the brochures, help to communicate with your Chinese customers or suppliers.

1. Pls provide your company’s details such as website, products brochure etc.
2. If you wanna very professional interpreter which specialized in your fields for years, pls let us know in advance.